Corporate brands with over 15 years trading history often have their associations hard-wired in the minds of their customers, and heritage brands (30+ years) even more so.

This means they face significant brand and growth challenges to re-position and successfully undergo transformation. Often growth has become single digit and incremental and the challenge is how to re-energise the brand.

HOB uses its complete toolkit of services to work with many of corporate clients including in the areas of:

  1. Brand Revitalisation and Transformation: How do you get customers to positively reappraise the brand when there is so much history to reframe?
  2. Reawakening Dormant Equity: How do we tap into the latent emotional equity that people originally were attracted to and that drove the brand’s intial success?
  3. Innovation and Momentum: Customers can often feel when a brand is winning, and when a brand is losing. A key growth driver for corporates is to regain their momentum and drive an innovation agenda that is highly culturally relevant.
  4. Reigniting the BX: Masculine versions of structural trust are becoming outdated to make way for an authentic demonstration of relationship. This means the Brand Experience (BX) is particularly critical in turning around the growth fortunes of a larger corporate. Demonstrating a care for customers in the personalised detail of the customer experience is key.