Our Foundations


House of Brand was founded in 2011 in response to a changing world.

A world beginning to drown in big data, yet lacking in human data. Too much information and not enough insight into how a brand could realise its maximum potential and achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

Our vision evolved into a very clear purpose: To energise brand growth through human insight.

We have since shown over the years that if you understand the science and art of human behaviour, beyond the numbers in a dashboard, you can grow revenues and profits exponentially.

At House of Brand,we also connect the dots, not just collect the dots. We do this by synthesising and modelling data sets to get closer to consumers and their common human truths.

We develop not only brand growth strategies off insights, but brand experience (BX) strategies which prioritise how to focus communications, messaging, activations and customer journeys.

Backed by data and human analytics, we provide a clear path to achieving growth and defining your brand with a strong, unique energy of its own.